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The Betances Health Center Family is grief-stricken at the tragic loss of our friend and colleague, Ann Rosie Barriosl. Rosie was a front desk operator for nearly 19 years at Betances.

One person aptly named her the “Honey” at the front desk. She was much loved by her patients and colleagues. She was bright, intelligent and compassionate, someone who was always willing to go the extra mile to help patients and peers. We will always remember her kindness, her beautiful smile and her warm, upbeat personality.  We lost one of our best. We will never forget her and she will always live on in our hearts


september 2017

Betances Health Center in Manhattan, one of the New York beneficiaries of this grant, details how $175,700 in grant funding impacts the lives of its patients.

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June 2018

Latinos in Bushwick Have a New Community Health Center.

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